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Native Nevadan, November 1982

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Indigenous Newspapers in North America aims to present a diverse and robust collection of print journalism from Indigenous peoples of the US and Canada over more than 9,000 individual editions from 1828-2016.

Representing a huge variety in style, production and audience, the newspapers include national periodicals as well as local community news and student publications. The 45 unique titles also include bi-lingual and Indigenous-language editions, such as Hawaiian, Cherokee and Navajo languages.

Many titles – such as Ak-Chin O'odham Runner, the Cherokee Phoenix and the Navajo Times – are digitised in large runs of more than 500 issues, enabling researchers to follow reporting on specific events to compare style and presentation over the decades. The bulk of titles were founded in the 1970s, documenting the proliferation of Indigenous journalism that grew out of the occupation of Wounded Knee, meeting the demand for objective reporting from within Indigenous territory. This collection provides exciting research opportunities into subjects including the self-determination era and American Indian Movement (AIM), education, environmentalism, land rights and cultural representation from an Indigenous perspective.


Indian School Journal, March 1923Notable Titles

  • Ak-Chin O'odham Runner

(published by the Ak-Chin Indian Community, Maricopa, Arizona)

  • Bacone Indian and the Baconian

(published by Bacone College, Muskogee, Oklahoma)

  • Cherokee Phoenix (Cherokee Advocate) and Cherokee Voices
(published in Tahlequah, Oklahoma)
  • Hocak Worak

(published by the Ho-Chunk Nation, Black River Falls,Wisconsin)

  • Hopi Action News 
(published by the Hopi Tribe in Hopitutskwa, Arizona)


Navajo Times, December 20 1962

  • Native Nevadan
(published by the Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada)
  • Navajo Times

(published in Window Rock, Arizona)

  • Osage News

(published in Pawhuska, Oklahoma)

  • Rawhide Press

(published by the Spokane Tribe, City of Spokane,Washington)

  • Win Awenen Nisitotung

(published by the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan)


For more information on the titles included, see our Selection Criteria.


Key Topics

• Community news
• Public health and welfare
• Education
• Cultural promotion and language revitalisation
• Consumerism and commercial enterprises
• Activism and protest
• American Indian Movement
• Natural resources and environmentalism
• Tribal laws, process and elections
• Sovereignty
• Land cession, property and land rights
• Media representation
• Conflict, war and conscription