Selection Criteria

Front page of Adahooni┼éigii, December 1 1953The newspapers selected for inclusion in this resource have been sourced from the Newberry Library, Chicago and the Sequoyah National Research Centre at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock.

The selection within these collections was determined entirely by the publishing bodies that entered into an agreement to participate. Hundreds of publishers and Tribal Councils were contacted and visited, with the aim of including content from as wide a range of communities as possible from the US and Canada.

Respecting the authority and legal rights of Indigenous publishing bodies, Tribal Councils and organisations is fundamental to the aims of this resource and principal above any editorial scope. Therefore the communities and geographic locations represented are limited to those that chose to enter into a digitisation agreement for this resource.

Where no information could be gleaned with regards to current rights holders, these were deemed to be orphan titles.

All newspapers are included on a take down policy. If you have any information pertaining to the rights holder for any title not already credited to a publisher, group or individual, please get in touch.